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“The future of our industry and country depends on the way how we embrace technology now and for the future.”

The apparel and textile industries are an ancient business, but it is one that is experiencing major changes through the introduction of new technologies throughout the entire apparel supply chain.

Bangladesh needs to be prepared and this is what drives Mostafiz to work and talk with the most important people globally on the topic of the “NEXT LEVEL IN TEXTILES”. Through partnerships and relationships, Mostafiz feels compelled to highlight the sustainable and competitive benefits that can be gained by Bangladesh through embracing these new technologies.

He is convinced that technological advances will drive added value in the apparel and textile industries and believes that artificial intelligence will play a major role in improving efficiencies, reducing costs and advancing sustainability in the sector.


His latent understanding of the benefits that technology can offer the industry and the country led Mostafiz to create the BANGLADESH FASHIONOLOGY SUMMIT, the second edition of which was held in Dhaka on 2nd May 2019.

The event showcased the numerous benefits that technology can bring to the Bangladesh apparel and textile industries and the need for the country to prepare itself for the ‘industry 4.0’ technology that is being developed.

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The summit culminated with a dazzling display of tech-enhanced garments, featuring 3-D printing and in-built electronics, with all the product proudly MADE IN BANGLADESH, demonstrating to the audience how the nation can embrace technology to transform the industry and the product that it produces.


Technology and innovation were again championed by Mostafiz in his organization of the DENIM INNOVATION NIGHT on 9th November 2017. The event featured keynote speeches, highlighting the need for the Bangladesh apparel industry to innovate and concluded with a stunning display of denim outfits, all made in Bangladesh, using the latest in sustainable materials and finishing techniques.


Remarks at 2nd Bangladesh Fashionology Summit
Speaking on 4th Industrial Revolution