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“I am driven by the desire to help my fellow people achieve success at an international level.”

Mostafiz follows the mantra that ‘knowledge is power’ and believes the sharing of knowledge is key to achieving a better future for the industry and the Bangladesh nation as a whole. Whenever he has the opportunity, he shares his experiences and product and industry know-how with his team, with the wider industry and with those that are willing to learn.

As a selfless individual, Mostafiz is happy to share knowledge with those in the industry who might be regarded as competitors, with the understanding that his people and his country stand to gain from his endeavours.


In his desire to strengthen the Bangladesh apparel and textile industries through the spread of knowledge to key members of the community, Mostafiz founded Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE). BAE was established to promote the Bangladesh apparel and textile industries to a wider international audience and aims to offer a platform for the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Over the last few decades, Bangladesh has truly established itself as a trusted location in the apparel sourcing world. Mostafiz believes that the country is now ready to make the giant leap from mere apparel producer to a manufacturer of premium fashion products.

BAE is an initiative specifically geared to facilitate this transition by means of the development of the apparel and textile industries through the exchange of expert knowledge and connections to the appropriate partners and by creating a platform that allows perceptions to be changed.

The Bangladesh Apparel Exchange is the umbrella group that organizes the Bangladesh Denim Expo, Bangladesh Fashionology Summit and Sustainable Apparel Forum alongside other knowledge sharing initiatives and has had a hand in changing international perceptions of the Bangladesh apparel industry and the nation as a whole.

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Mostafiz has also shared his insights into his beloved denim industry in his very own publication, named “BANGLADESH DENIM TIMES.” The publication, which can be found as a hard paper copy and on social media offers information about the latest news, trends and personalities from the worldwide denim industry.


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