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“Today, our industry needs to be transparent from A to Z; from the farming of cotton fibre, through to the dyeing of fabrics, to working conditions and the way garments are finished”

Mostafiz Uddin believes that the textile and apparel industries should increase their “GOOD BEHAVIOR”. That is why he devotes countless time and energy to travel around the industry and the world, to promote “Transparency” and “Responsibility” in the textile industry.

In Amsterdam, at the April 2019 Innovation Forum, Mostafiz highlighted the importance of collecting all the available information from the production chain, to make the textile industry more transparent.

In Copenhagen, at the May 2018 Copenhagen Fashion Summit (CFS) Mostafiz was invited as a keynote speaker (and the only voice of an apparel manufacturer at the summit!) where he pushed for transparency in the apparel industry in front of an audience that included leading luminaries from the fashion business and recognized sustainability and transparency advocates.

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Mostafiz Uddin is the founder and mastermind behind the BANGLADESH DENIM EXPO, the most important denim trade event in the Asia region today, attracting an ever-increasing number of local and international denim and apparel trade professionals and garnering international press recognition.

Each edition of the Expo is run with a theme and, as a man striving to establish “GOOD BEHAVIOR” in the industry, many of the events have echoed this principle.


For the 7th, edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo (held in November 2017) the theme of TRANSPARENCY was key idea. To bring transformation in the apparel industry, Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) organized a number of seminars, conferences, workshops, round table meetings, panel discussions, and static displays. These showed how transparency can bring transformation to the apparel industry, improve working conditions and have a positive impact on the environment and purchasing behavior.


Known for his clear vision and strong engagement with the industry promoting better behaviour in the textile world, Mostafiz is constantly pushing ideas for better working conditions, and better treatment of workers across a variety of media and providing forums where key issues on the path to transparency can be discussed.


Speaking at Copenhagen Fashion Summit
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